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Art inspired by Frequencies and meditation practices.
#frequismart #frequism

Where Eastern philosophies and science collide

Fot the last 2 years ive been inspired by the scientific theory that the universe and everything in it is made up of strings. This is known as string theory. Everything we know has a frequency for example the human body resonates at around 0.7hz. When architects construct bridges or tall structures they have to consider the frequency. If they get it wrong for, as example, the Millenium bridge in London then it can be disastrous. More people than expected went on the bridge on the opening day and after a while the bridge started to swing dangerously as peoples step became synchronised. And this is why a squad of soldiers are ordered to break step when crossing bridges.

I wanted a term that would express my art that related to frequencies and think #frequismart fits it perfectly. I know there are many other people doing similar work. Maybe the term will catch on as i think it expresses this important idea perfectly. 

In around 2015 I became interested in Buddhism and started a daily practice of prayer and meditation. I also dug deep into the science of micro-biology and how the atoms that make up everything operate. 

I now can relate the photons of energy that interact with the frequency of our biological bodies with Taoism. Everything is connected. Universal/Cosmic consciousness exists.

This is well known and has been well studied.

The unseen frequencies that are all around us have always been here and always will be as they are fundamental to life.

Nearly everyone now carries a mobile phone which you can use to call someone on the other side of the world in real time...using these unseen frequencies. 

Just because the current incarnations of humans are only just learning how to harness the energy of the universe doesn't mean it has been done before.

Everything is on the table... parallel universe's , time travel, advanced races in hiding. Anything is possible.

Look what has been achieved in the last 25 yrs. In another 25 it will look like magic to us now. 

Because we operate on frequencies it means that your own consciousness can be hacked. This is done through meditative practices and altered states through sacred plants.. 

A good source of information on this subject is available to anyone who chooses to look and learn.

There are some fascinating research papers by Dr Dirk K F Meijer of the University of Groningen Netherlands.

Here is a link to just one of those research papers concerning Cosmic Consciousness.


0533 AM Clew Bay 1576 AD

0037 Clare Island AD 2022

'The upsidedown world'

Return of the Tuatha De Danann

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